Roca Labs Review


on June 19, 2012

This is my second posting and I want to tell you guys how I am doing on my first week with the roca labs diet and my weight loss. Like I said on my previous blog I had a very hard time eating the diet product when it solidifies, so after contacting a nurse that works for roca labs gastric bypass no surgery I started drinking the product and it went down much easier.

I have been mixing the powder with grape juice. I shake it really well so it dissolves and I can drink it. I have read on roca labs blogs that the product doesn’t work as well for weight loss if you drink it versus eating. I started taking it last Monday. Let me break down my daily use from my diary:

I woke up at around 8am, took a shower and went to the kitchen and prepared the drink. Around 1 minute or 2 it got really thick. The instructions said it would solidify after 3 or 4 minutes but mine was much faster, maybe the grape juice? I don’t know. So this is the part where I started to gag and couldn’t eat it. So I contacted the company as mentioned on my previous blog.


After talking to a roca labs nurse I decided to try drinking the mixture. I work on Tuesdays so I woke up around 6am, took a shower and went to the kitchen. It feels weird to prepare the mix and drink it so early, but I love my breakfast and I have to take the mixture and wait to eat so I just chugged down. It wasn’t bad at all, but I had to force myself to drink the water right after. During the day I honestly did not feel any difference on my eating habits. I ate normal, but within a few hours of taking the diet I started having very bad diarrhea


My third day was very difficult. I woke up feeling a little sick and the headache was killing me. But I knew that this could happen since I wasn’t used to eating so much fiber, so I just ignored the discomfort and prepared the mixture. Despite the bad diarrhea my weight did not change, but I was not able to finish my lunch :)


This time it wasn’t too difficult to take the diet because I got encouraged from the previous day. Although the headache was gone, I still had some diarrhea. Once again, couldn’t finish my lunch and ate very little for dinner.


I woke up and prepared the mixture as usual but had a very hard time drinking all the water, I felt pretty full, like bloated, but no more diarrhea I ate all my lunch :( But I ended up forcing the food down…I was just not feeling good and ate more than I should…for dinner I ate little again but no weight loss.

During the weekend I did not take the diet drink because the instructions advise you to stop for 2 days. I most certainly ate less on Saturday and Sunday, less than usual but not a huge difference. My weight on Sunday night was 239…My starting weight was 240…So I pretty much have lost no weight. I am a bit disappointed with roca labs and my weight loss, but let’s see what happens next week with my diet.

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  1. Jane says:

    I have heard so much about this roca labs diet thing. So many good things, but also bad ones too. Very brave to pay that much just to test :) Can’t wait to follow your blog. Maybe after 1 month or two depending on the results I will buy the diet cause i really need to lose weight and I tried the atkins diet, weight watchers, jenny craig, Biggest Loser Diet, gosh, you name it and I have tried…but this roca labs has a different concept that most diets, that is the only reason why I am considering…

  2. Matt says:

    So you have no lost weight at all on the first week even after all the diarrhea?? Doesn’t seems like it works at all this diet.

  3. Peter says:

    I lost 5 pounds only in 1 month using roca labs no surgery diet prescription, whatever it is called…on my second month now…hopefully I will lose more…

  4. Charm says:

    Though it may really feel frustrating but I think your weight loss is ok. I am also taking the formula and on my first week, I only lost 2 lbs. I was expecting more and so I sought assistance on their live chat. The nurse said that my weight loss is normal and it is ok to lose about a pound or two every week. She also told me that I should lose weight in a slow and steady pace so that my body can adjust and for me to prevent loose skins as well.

  5. Chris says:

    Atleast you lost a lb on your first week! I lost nothing on my first week but I lost 4 lbs on the 2nd week. maybe you’re still adjusting since it’s just your first week.

  6. julie says:

    sounds bad!! i hope you will have better results this week..

  7. Ricci says:

    I had gag issues like you as well and so i tried taking it in portions. Also tried taking with apple juice and its good! Looking forward to reaching my weight loss goal – 30 lbs in 3-4 months…

  8. Alicia says:

    Too soon to judge if it really is working or not. Let’s see what happens next week. Good luck!

  9. Deni says:

    Are you on the correct dose? Or maybe your body is still adjusting. (I’m waiting for my order.)

  10. Unfortunately, so far roca labs waiting for results…

  11. Robins013082 says:

    That’s a crap. My sister’s taking it for 2 weeks now and she still feels hungry! It doesn’t really do what it say.

  12. Hazel564 says:

    I wonder why most users see results in just a couple of days from using it and some takes month/s.

  13. Kim21 says:

    hope it would work since i just order mine…sigh

    • Same here Kim :) Would be nice if you kept us posted about your progress…maybe create a blog if you have time?

      • kim21 says:

        I’m now on my second week, I guess it’s working pretty well in my case. I lost 3 lbs from my first week, absolutely no side effects (yey)! I will weigh in again on saturday so hopefully I did well this week. I’m really busy, on everything! If I’ll do a blog then it surely be a dead air since I won’t be updating it. But I will visit here from time to time and see your updates. How’re doing?

  14. jewel_rich says:

    Well this sucks, too bad for them since I was considering this product to try it out..

  15. Cathy says:

    I wonder how much weight can this rocalabs thing make you lose in a month? My sister’s wedding is pass approaching and I would like to lose the soonest time. Diet is no fun and slow to lose weight.

  16. Caroline Johnson says:

    I was planning to try my luck with rocalabs but if you are saying you are not doing too good with it I think I am having some hesitations. I mean if I am going to start with this product I want it to be 100% effective. I think I will just reconsider doing the gastric bypass surgery. I think that one is 100% effective.

    • I am still learning about the effectiveness of roca labs, so can’t answer on that…what i can say is that the surgery is dangerous, some people die on the table, others of later complications…and a lot of people put the wight back after a few years…I researched a lot of the surgery and would not advise to anyone.

    • jenna25jennifer says:

      I won’t do the surgery also. It may be 100% effective, but did you see the complication rate? Just the names are scary. I won’t even begin talking abou the humbers :(

  17. Caroline Johnson says:

    I also heard the same and all that information is just to get a lot of people interested to the product. And they said actors are paid to make some videos that would say good stuff about the product.

    • Roca Labs has worked for me…I can’t speak for those people that say it doesn’t make sense but they have not actually used the product. The reviews on youtube are from real customers as you can see their own personal videos on their channels, not sure about the reviews on their web-site…probably are actors, but who knows…

  18. Andrea says:

    The roca labs video testimonials on youtube are from real customers trying to receive the 50% money back they offer so they are real people. I am a user myself of roca labs and I am doing decent on it. Lost 10 pounds in a little over a month – 40 more to go.

  19. Denise says:

    Why do they call the diet Roca labs mini-gastric bypass no surgery? Is there any surgery involved?

  20. Greg says:

    I bought my roca labs yesterday…wish me luck :)

  21. Diana says:

    I’ve been on the formula for more than a week now didn’t lose that much weight but I won’t give up.

  22. gie says:

    Good luck to your weight loss. I’m happy to read about your progress in using Roca Labs Formula. I just started the Formula and I also experienced the diarrhea the first few days. Thank you.

  23. Love says:

    I’m done with week 2 loss 9lbs not bad hoping to lose another 30lbs in the months to come.

  24. Girl28 says:

    Haven’t loss that much weight on my 2nd week hope to see more results on my 3rd week.

  25. Tom says:

    Can you take medication if you have diarrhea?

  26. Melissa says:

    If you get sick; do you continue taking it? or you have to stop?

  27. Kris says:

    Is it taken daily like vitamins?

  28. Martha says:

    Surgery is a scary thing and so painful; I saw how it is done in Youtube and it’s one worst scenario I’d ever seen. I am never gonna choose surgery.

    • My mother-in-law had the lap band surgery and until today after 5 years she has all kind of limitations and can’t enjoy food as much because of the minuscule portions…she regrets having had the surgery. She also gained back 35 pounds by eating chocolate. Roca Labs lap band no surgery is the way to go in my opinion.

    • jenna25jennifer says:

      I also watched the videos on YouTube. Oh my God! That’s so barbaric! :(

  29. Leon says:

    Do you think it will work for someone who needs to lose like 150 pounds?

  30. mickey says:

    I almost had the same feeling on my first week with the formula. I thought is was hell! ughhh. But I’m happy that there are a lot of Roca Labs users that keeps on motivating me to continue with the formula. My second week was better than the first one, I lost 6 lbs from my second week. I was surprised, amazed, impressed, and made me more excited to continue on my third week. I lost a total of 16 lbs on my first month. I think I did great. :) I will officially start my 2nd month/week 5 on Monday. Good luck on your weight loss journey! Happy July 4th.

  31. Is diarrhea really normal with this product?

  32. Renee says:

    Have you been able to make good progress after that disastrous sounding first week? I do hope everything is working out for you.

  33. Shauna says:

    Do you have some allergies or some kind of… Where can I find the ingredients and side effects so I can research more. Would like to check something for a friend who can have lap band or any surgery. Appreciate your answer.

  34. Vicky says:

    Good luck! Hope you are doing well. Keep us posted!

  35. Jasmine says:

    I just recieved my Roca Labs a little over a week ago and my weight have been fluctuating for the past 10 days. Are you all exercising with your diet? I’ve lost only 5 pounds in 10 days.

    I’ve also been getting diarreah. And I’ve been skipping breakfast and eating 1.5- 2 meals a day… I am finally starting feeling full.

    • Dr. Johnson says:

      Hello Jasmine!
      It took me around a week to start feeling full when I started the Roca Labs Procedure. I also had diarrhea for 3 days. Please follow the instructions and you will do great!

  36. GABY says:

    I just ordered the Roca Labs Procedure today. I’m looking forwards to submit my own experience.

  37. harris says:

    I’ve started and I’m still hungry.

  38. angie pursell says:

    Would love to know how you ended up doing on the roca lab.its way too expensive not to work.hope you have done well and are feeling healthy and good

  39. brigid colvin says:

    After reading this I think I bought the wrong product

  40. Dawn says:

    I am on Day 3 with Roca Labs and I am doing great! I just decided it will work for me so I work to eat smaller portions and stop mindless snacking and so far so good. I expect a good weight loss this week. I’ll keep you posted!

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