Roca Labs Review


on June 19, 2012

This is my second posting and I want to tell you guys how I am doing on my first week with the roca labs diet and my weight loss. Like I said on my previous blog I had a very hard time eating the diet product when it solidifies, so after contacting a nurse that works for roca labs gastric bypass no surgery I started drinking the product and it went down much easier.

I have been mixing the powder with grape juice. I shake it really well so it dissolves and I can drink it. I have read on roca labs blogs that the product doesn’t work as well for weight loss if you drink it versus eating. I started taking it last Monday. Let me break down my daily use from my diary:

I woke up at around 8am, took a shower and went to the kitchen and prepared the drink. Around 1 minute or 2 it got really thick. The instructions said it would solidify after 3 or 4 minutes but mine was much faster, maybe the grape juice? I don’t know. So this is the part where I started to gag and couldn’t eat it. So I contacted the company as mentioned on my previous blog.


After talking to a roca labs nurse I decided to try drinking the mixture. I work on Tuesdays so I woke up around 6am, took a shower and went to the kitchen. It feels weird to prepare the mix and drink it so early, but I love my breakfast and I have to take the mixture and wait to eat so I just chugged down. It wasn’t bad at all, but I had to force myself to drink the water right after. During the day I honestly did not feel any difference on my eating habits. I ate normal, but within a few hours of taking the diet I started having very bad diarrhea


My third day was very difficult. I woke up feeling a little sick and the headache was killing me. But I knew that this could happen since I wasn’t used to eating so much fiber, so I just ignored the discomfort and prepared the mixture. Despite the bad diarrhea my weight did not change, but I was not able to finish my lunch :)


This time it wasn’t too difficult to take the diet because I got encouraged from the previous day. Although the headache was gone, I still had some diarrhea. Once again, couldn’t finish my lunch and ate very little for dinner.


I woke up and prepared the mixture as usual but had a very hard time drinking all the water, I felt pretty full, like bloated, but no more diarrhea I ate all my lunch :( But I ended up forcing the food down…I was just not feeling good and ate more than I should…for dinner I ate little again but no weight loss.

During the weekend I did not take the diet drink because the instructions advise you to stop for 2 days. I most certainly ate less on Saturday and Sunday, less than usual but not a huge difference. My weight on Sunday night was 239…My starting weight was 240…So I pretty much have lost no weight. I am a bit disappointed with roca labs and my weight loss, but let’s see what happens next week with my diet.

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  1. claire says:

    Reading the blog makes me more excited. I will be starting with mine soon and I hope I can loose the weight I want. I have gained weight after I gave birth and never got back to shape. I felt like I was undesirable after that. I will also document my weight loss journey. Good luck to us!


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